Gantry Crane: Why It's Good To Opt for Them?

The gantry cranes are hugely acknowledged for their lower cost and high efficiency. They are a good alternative to the overhead bridge cranes. They operate on a track on the floor or ground level and not on any elevated runway this feature makes them more competent in performing the tasks in small and compact spaces.  These cranes are capable of performing indoor as well as outdoor operations.

The Gantry crane is held high by a pair of tough steel legs that are carried by the end trucks on the plain ground. These cranes hold the ability to cover the span of 150 feet and capacity of 10 tons.

Gantry Crane

The gantry crane offers many benefits as compared to any other types of cranes. Here are a few benefits that you reap from Gantry Crane:

  • No additional investments:

Unlike any other bridge crane, Gantry crane operates on grounds and hence you do not have to build a platform or any other runway structure to operate these cranes. This saves you a lot of costs that you have to invest for making the shafts.

  • Easy installation:

Gantry crane is easy to install and it demands lesser efforts. You can easily put them to work in your place. Also, when installed properly they deliver you the same material handling potential like any other heavy body crane.

  • Safer:

The manually operated Gantry Crane is safer than other cranes as it offers you the control of the crane. You can set the weight and stop the crane if you feel the height to which the load is being carried to, is above the permitted limit.

These are the many benefits associated with Gantry Crane. However, some of these may differ from type to type. Majorly gantry cranes are available in three types:

  • Manual Gantry Crane (Portable or adjustable)
  • Motor Driven Gantry Crane

The difference between the two is that you have the manual control over the working of the crane and have to check for the measures every time the operation starts. Whereas, in Motor driven Gantry crane there is no need for your constant inputs.

Gantry cranes are the best for your interior and exterior work. Choose the best type and enjoy the benefits.