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Industrial Overhead Cranes and Their Types

Cranes have had a history of being used in the working landscape since ancient times. Just for your information, the crane was invented in Greece. These machines are suitable for heavy construction work and efficiently carry out all kinds of lifting tasks. When we think of heavy construction work, the first thing that hits our mind is industry. There are cranes that are used especially for industrial purposes known as Industrial Overhead Cranes. The different types of overhead cranes that have been in use are jib crane, monorail, hot crane, etc.

To have a thorough understanding we need to first understand what Industrial Overhead Cranes are. In this blog, we will try to give you easy points so that it remains with you for a longer period of time.

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What is Industrial Overhead Cranes?

Cranes were invented for the working landscape and heavy construction work. Each crane was made to fulfill some purpose, requirement of the user. The cranes used in industries or industrial environment for carrying out lifting tasks were termed Industrial Overhead Cranes.  

Let us now look at the different types of Industrial Overhead Cranes.

What are the different types of Industrial Overhead Cranes?

There are different types of cranes used in the industrial environment. Let us look at the one by one.

1.    EOT Cranes: Electric Overhead Travelling or EOT cranes that are essential for lifting and shifting. EOT cranes can be operated electrically. There is a parallel runway in EOT cranes and the gap is extended across by a traveling bridge. The different types of EOT cranes are Single girder cranes and Double girder cranes.

2.    Jib Cranes: these cranes are pocket-friendly as compared to the other cranes. Jib crane, to be precise, serves various purposes. Jib cranes are strong in nature and can lift heavy weights effortlessly. 

3.    Hot Cranes: Hot cranes are usually found in factories and not on construction sites. Ideally designed to lift and shift heavy materials in factories, are successful in doing their work. Now, these cranes are used to lift heavy metals in the factories. They single-handedly take care of everything from the refining of the metal to the dispatch of the metal.

4.    Gantry Cranes: Gantry cranes are humongous cranes used to handle extremely heavy materials. This Goliath crane has one difference as compared to the regular overhead cranes. There are two or more legs supporting the bridge for carrying trolleys. If a power failure occurs, the mechanical brakes stop the motor preventing the falling of materials. 

Now that you know what industrial overhead cranes are and their types with specifications, it will be easier to choose a crane suitable for your industrial environment.

Which Industries Use EOT Cranes The Most?

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) cranes are extensively used in the construction and manufacturing industries, enabling seamless movement of heavy components. The technology behind these cranes remaining constant, the leading EOT Crane Suppliers in India have come up with a lot of variations in the model. These are compatible with a large range of industries, including:

  • Construction firms
  • Production halls
  • Power stations
  • Assembly lines
  • Heavy industries
  • Railway lines

    If you are looking for an EOT Crane for your firm, it is necessary to approach an accomplished company, which can guide you about the right choice of the crane. Generally, they take into account the task that needs to be accomplished.

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Accordingly, the professionals suggest the ideal machine, based on various factors. These include the operational regimes, geometric features, location of the EOT crane, based on the landscape on which it will operate a type of load and the weight to be lifted.

Based on these factors, they come up with the right structure and nature of the crane. You also need to take the environmental factors into account, considering the location where it will be used.

Types of EOT cranes you can choose from

When you approach the leading EOT Crane Suppliers in India, you will come across four key variations of these cranes. These are:

Single girder EOT crane: These cranes consist of one bridge girder, with two trucks supporting at the ends. The trolley hoist mechanism in these cranes is present at the bottom projection of the girder.

Double girder EOT crane: In these cranes, two bridge girders are present. Two end trucks support these girders and the trolley is mounted on rails, above the bridge girders.

Gantry cranes: These cranes are similar to the regular cranes. However, the bridge carrying the trolleys gets a rigid support from two or more legs that run on fixed rails or a different runway.

Apart from these, you can choose from semi-gantry cranes, JIB cranes, circular cranes and underslung EOT cranes. Reach out to a reputed EOT Crane supplier to get the right crane, customized for your purpose. These cranes work out best, when you choose them on a purpose-specific mechanism.