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Basic Types of Gantry and Goliath Cranes

Gantry cranes and goliath cranes are extensively used in various industries. However, the industrial application of a gantry crane differs largely from other types of cranes.

The reputed crane manufacturers have been collaborating with several companies in the construction and manufacturing industries, supplying them with these machines. Particularly, gantry cranes are used in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Scrap handling
  • Container handling

In case you are into any of these industries, you can reach out to one of the reputed gantry crane manufacturers in India and get the requirements customized.


Gantry cranes are used to lift heavy loads in various industrial zones. For instance, business firms engaged in lifting heavy loads in shipyards, ports and steelyards need this kind of cranes to carry out their work.

Gantry cranes can be of different types, depending on the materials that can be lifted. For instance, you might buy full gantry cranes, workstation gantry cranes, rubber-tired gantry cranes and so on.

When you get across to the established gantry crane suppliers, they will guide you in choosing the right kind of cranes, depending on your purpose.

Goliath cranes, on the other hand, are extensively used in the marble industry. Another industry where goliath cranes are used is piping. Besides, these are used for open-yard storage areas. If you are interested to purchase goliath cranes for any of these purposes, make sure to buy a quality machine from one of the top manufacturers.

Approach one of the leading gantry crane manufacturers in India to get them further customized for your industry. You may get specific features integrated in these cranes, according to the demand of your project.

The reputed companies offer versatile cranes to their customers. With a close collaboration with a top crane manufacturer, you can get your inventory tailored for specific purposes.

In case you need gantry cranes of smaller sizes, you can get them from the reputed manufacturers. The cranes of smaller sizes are generally used in power stations and for repairing machines and assembling automobiles.

You may also have a look at the products offered by the gantry crane suppliers online. Choose the model that comes with the desired features to suit your purpose.